Gus’s Lair of Doom

Hi, all. Wellcome to my (or Gus’s, but he’s a cat, so in typical fashion his human is doing all the work) Megadungeon* set in the world of Hellfrost" and using Savage Worlds.

Players quest deep into a recently discovered cavern complex. Some seek glory, some to prove themselves, others gleaming treasure or musty tomes, and there are even those desperately seeking hope in the bowels of a freezing world. For the cavern’s discoverers recovered a bright dragon scale — from a sun dragon, thought extinct since the Hellfrost came to the world of Rassilon.

What do you seek?

*see Always-split-the-party for an introduction and links related to the “open gaming table” and “megadungon” concept.

Gus's Lair of Doom