Gus's Lair of Doom

First Foray Returns

Murder in a Northern Town

As the party enters the gates of the trading post, Grimwoodgives the gate guard a “ruby” necklace to buy better armor, or attract blacksmiths to make some. He also wants a warhorse and a lance. [Grimwood glory total: 9; Poppy glory total 7]
They cooked a chicken together and took it to the sauna
Robin’s character took over for “mother superior” at the temple. One of the other shrines at the temple of Var.

They had set guards on the map and chest they had returned with. They are summoned by a commotion at the temple.
Arriving, they find that Grod has been wounded, but they must wait until it is repaired for him to be able to talk. His friend, Marius, is dead on the floor. It appears nothing was taken.
Apparently the thieves did not expect a fight; they had offered the pair a bribe and were surprised that Grod and Marius refused it and then fought for their employer’s goods.
Poppy and Grimwood give the family of the dead guard and the wounded guard 30 years of income [3,000 gold scields each – I think that is way more than 30 years] because of their honor in not taking the bribes.

Agnes searches through their recovered treasure, taking nothing and reservering her right to take what she wants from further expeditions; she also makes a copy of the party’s map.

Poppy meets a man (Darius Slickshadow) who can help them out with the shady side of their “pigeon plan,” which is to make a duplicate (fake) of the map which they hide outside of the pallisade in the lake to see if someone tries to steal it. [the original map and treasure (what they are not carrying) is in the temple of Var; where Agnes’s copy is presumed to be.

Anybody else remember what happened after that? Thanks.



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