Gus's Lair of Doom

In the Story so Far....

Hellfrost date(s) ?

A Mysterious Mission…

It is a rare event for a Heahwisard to leave their mansions and noble privilege of the Mageocracy. Rarer still for one to travel North. Leading a party of adventurers, that’s exactly what Mage Knight Tang Wean Ap-Patris of the First Sphere did on the xxx day of xxx in the IR year xxx.

Survivors Return…

Twelve days later, the scattered, frostbitten remains of the expedition returned. Overshadowing the discovery of a sprawling ruin under the Pallisade Mountains, was the recovery of a sun dragon scale. No sign of a sun dragon had been seen or heard of in Rassilon since the time of the Blizzard War, 500 years ago.

In the intervening months, despite the season (?), a small trading post has grown up near the xxx road. It take them weeks to arrive, adventurers, freebooters, merchants, scholars, priests and all manner of desperate men and women are flocking toward a chance at glory, riches, immortality, long-lost knowledge, and hidden magic. Some will find death, others gold or glory, and some may find all three

A Second Expedition…

In the meantime, Poppy returned to the caverns with another party. Closely pursued by orcs, they brought back ancient gold and jewelry, rumors of a new race with unknown magics, and the promise of much more hidden within Ertha’s Realm.

I’m gonna type my raw notes for now and see how that goes.

These notes will go all the way back


1st Overnight

Something inside brushed by on its way out. It ran out as the party busted in — couldn’t escape without touching one of the party.

31gs and rusty dagger
14gs and black gem in pouch 14 appraisal roll (thief) 1-2kg

hmmm…I think I’m going to have to try something else



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