Gus's Lair of Doom

A New Day
"I was a slow masturbator"
Aftermath of attempted robbery
"I could totally go for two days with four guys in a basement." -- Alex 1

This is raw, but I wanted to get it up so that it is here. I will “pretty it up” later.

Start at evening . . .
they have the fake map and put it in the real chest (the one they returned with) and fill it with rocks).

They want a place to hide it, but can’t really put it in the lake and there is no a lot of forest growth, as it is cold and windy; and what trees there are have been cut back 500 yards from trading post.

Party splits into 3 groups with decoys, and Poppy and Windbag take the real chest and hide it in a tree in the “woods” this goes down a little after midnight [chest filled with rocks]

stealth rolls
pine branch to sweep trail

Poppy and Windbag tuck it into the roots of the tree; then go into next nearest hill to pretend like they are circling around.

half moon; light wind, cold…20 deg

Waiting, they finally notice someone digging around with a stick at the tree near where they hid “the treasure.”
They stand up and open fire: one hits the figure and shakes it the other also hits and it goes down.

Search the body: a man wearing a well-worn wolf (the alliteration is incidental, and, in fact, so bad I will proably have to edit this) cloak. He is “elderly,” (so, like 40s / 50s) rotund, dressed as finnar, but clothes don’t fit well, his pouch holds “50gs” his axe is worn.

Thinking they saw “a partner” they begin following the man’s trail back toward the Trading Post.

Gord finds them tracking back to the Trading Post (they tip him); Sturven and Grimwood told him to check on them while they pursued a figure heading back toward the Post.

They find no sign of him (or her) and the guards didn’t have anyone to challenge in through the gate. Party decides they don’t wanna run aorund in the cold…head inside.

Return to their rooms at the inn at 3a; get sleep. Ask Gord to stand guard, but then remember less than a day ago he was bleeding out from a wound in his throat. Other party members stand guard.


Breakfast – bacon; roast; hard bread; nuts and berriesWake to the sounds of blacksmithing; wagons creaking and crunching and the sounds of livestock; chopping wood.

Spot Darius Slickshadow in the bar in disguise watching their back
everyone is looking at them [all party members have at least 1 glory]

Body gone; dug up bear trap that had been set up; chest smashed; map gone rocks there.
fake map leads to orc encampment that they passed on the way back

Agnes Ap-Otis forged the map (rolled high)

They get their map of the dungeon area.

An expedition is preparing to leave for Gus’s Lair; they are getting a bit of a late start. Some appear like they’ve had quite a rough night. It is presumed they have the false map.

They ask Darius to figure out who followed them out last night; and who set the bear trap.“There’s coin in it.”

Poppy, Windbag and the other character intend to follow this latest expedition (they also hire warriors and porters). The party will be split off backtracking, making sure they are not followed; and scouting. Poppy and Windbag are reminded that this isn’t d&d and encounters are not balanced.
“we could seriously die out here, which would be very sad.” (Alex 1) [In retrospect, that should have been worth a bennie].

They will use a horse as a scout beast (not for hauling) that Poppy and Windbag can ride together (both are not very big); give some mobility, esp. when they are off on their own in the big bad world.

Dorat, a woodseller, sitting in his buckboard on a large wagon; has two sturdy steppe horses. Strong men and women are off-loading lumber.
They offer the merchant (Dorat) massive treasure for his largest step horse. He procures them a saddle.

Poppy and Windbag have the rest of the party assemble sledges.

They spend another night at the inn and hire another guard. (Speisen, female Saxa. axe and shield).

Plan is to make a choice @ least 2 hours before bed so that they can then drink with their new companion(s).

Looking for “special skills with a certain amount of loyalty that is in it for more than the money.” They are given a single silver scield ([pronounced “shield”) to spend on drink. They don’t want them to get hammered.
Want: “Healing; adept with monster; understand languages, good strong aventurer set.”

Fist fights break out as people clammor to be a part of this expedition.

can have a 1/2-assed warrior and 1/2 healer; or a awesome warrior and pure healer.
Poppy and Grimwood decide they will take the best of each.
Expedition will head out in the morning, 5 or so hours behind assuming the other expedition does not travel at night.
one point of xp

First Foray Returns
Murder in a Northern Town

As the party enters the gates of the trading post, Grimwoodgives the gate guard a “ruby” necklace to buy better armor, or attract blacksmiths to make some. He also wants a warhorse and a lance. [Grimwood glory total: 9; Poppy glory total 7]
They cooked a chicken together and took it to the sauna
Robin’s character took over for “mother superior” at the temple. One of the other shrines at the temple of Var.

They had set guards on the map and chest they had returned with. They are summoned by a commotion at the temple.
Arriving, they find that Grod has been wounded, but they must wait until it is repaired for him to be able to talk. His friend, Marius, is dead on the floor. It appears nothing was taken.
Apparently the thieves did not expect a fight; they had offered the pair a bribe and were surprised that Grod and Marius refused it and then fought for their employer’s goods.
Poppy and Grimwood give the family of the dead guard and the wounded guard 30 years of income [3,000 gold scields each – I think that is way more than 30 years] because of their honor in not taking the bribes.

Agnes searches through their recovered treasure, taking nothing and reservering her right to take what she wants from further expeditions; she also makes a copy of the party’s map.

Poppy meets a man (Darius Slickshadow) who can help them out with the shady side of their “pigeon plan,” which is to make a duplicate (fake) of the map which they hide outside of the pallisade in the lake to see if someone tries to steal it. [the original map and treasure (what they are not carrying) is in the temple of Var; where Agnes’s copy is presumed to be.

Anybody else remember what happened after that? Thanks.

In the Story so Far....
Hellfrost date(s) ?

A Mysterious Mission…

It is a rare event for a Heahwisard to leave their mansions and noble privilege of the Mageocracy. Rarer still for one to travel North. Leading a party of adventurers, that’s exactly what Mage Knight Tang Wean Ap-Patris of the First Sphere did on the xxx day of xxx in the IR year xxx.

Survivors Return…

Twelve days later, the scattered, frostbitten remains of the expedition returned. Overshadowing the discovery of a sprawling ruin under the Pallisade Mountains, was the recovery of a sun dragon scale. No sign of a sun dragon had been seen or heard of in Rassilon since the time of the Blizzard War, 500 years ago.

In the intervening months, despite the season (?), a small trading post has grown up near the xxx road. It take them weeks to arrive, adventurers, freebooters, merchants, scholars, priests and all manner of desperate men and women are flocking toward a chance at glory, riches, immortality, long-lost knowledge, and hidden magic. Some will find death, others gold or glory, and some may find all three

A Second Expedition…

In the meantime, Poppy returned to the caverns with another party. Closely pursued by orcs, they brought back ancient gold and jewelry, rumors of a new race with unknown magics, and the promise of much more hidden within Ertha’s Realm.

I’m gonna type my raw notes for now and see how that goes.

These notes will go all the way back


1st Overnight

Something inside brushed by on its way out. It ran out as the party busted in — couldn’t escape without touching one of the party.

31gs and rusty dagger
14gs and black gem in pouch 14 appraisal roll (thief) 1-2kg

hmmm…I think I’m going to have to try something else


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